2013 Grammy Awards Hairstyles

the Best Hair at the Grammys 2013

As always the Grammys have impressed us. The night itself is all about the ‘look’. The clothes, the face, the hair – it all needs to be ‘right’. Here at our Hair Salon in Irmo are our favourite 2013 Grammys hairstyles.



Adele didn’t surprise us with her glamorous retro hair style. It has become a trademark look for the singer. Her strawberry blonde hair is a great hair color for pale skin. Adele suits the beehive upstyle, which is a perfect match for her retro outfit. Adele scooped award for Best pop solo performance and our award for most predictable 2013 Grammy Awards Hair Style.

Alexa Chung shows us her take on a simple casual upstyle for her Grammys 2013 Hair style making a normal ‘boring’ upstyle sexy. Her glossy chocolate brown hair is in a relaxed updo with a heavy side-swept fringe. Her bright red lips lift the otherwise plain look. We love this casual yet sophisticated look on Alexa for her Grammy Awards Night hair, an improvement on her usual Grunge look.

Jennifer Lopez‘s 2013 Grammys hairstyle was a sleek and simple upstyle which paired with statement eye make up and nude lips made her look her usual stunning self. Her bold look was perfectly accompanied with the star’s golden brown hair up in a sleek tight ballet knot. This Grammys hairstyle was a great choice for her tanned complexion.

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Beyonce surprised us with a hair style change for once. Usually we see her hair down and wavy, but for the Grammys 2013 she has opted to wear her hair back in a low ponytail. The sleek honey blonde ombre hairstyle is a great choice against her bronze skin tone.  Bright red lips add color to her monochrome outfit.

Kelly Rowland has a gorgeous complexion, perfect for her dark brown hair. Fringes are another popular hair trend for 2013 and Kelly has opted for a thick full fringe.

Taylor Swift wears her dark blonde hair in a tidy yet casual updo with a braided headband, and a few loose hairs softening the hairstyle. This is a more feminine and romantic look than the severe up-dos we’re used to from Taylor. The braid is a big trend for Spring 2013 and a winner in our unofficial 2013 Grammy Hair Awards.

Jessica Biel, like Kelly Rowland has also opted for a thick full fringe. Jessica wears her glossy golden brown hair and blonde tips down with her full statement fringe at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

Katy Perry‘s 2013 Grammy Hair Style saw her black glossy hair worn down with plenty of body. This hair color can be one of the hardest hair colors to pull off but with Katy’s tan she shows us just how it should be done.

Rihanna was the talk of the Grammys looking fierce with her fiery red lips, understated make up and her long tumbling wavy hair extensions. The stretched ombre roots are a great look on the bronzed beauty.

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