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Gore Salon is one of top Redken Hair Color Salons in South Carolina and we're right here in the Irmo Columbia area.

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Hair Color is a very individualized service, so at Gore Salon in the Irmo Columbia area, we continually train our stylists on all the latest color trends and techniques, and we work with each client to understand their personal style. 

Hair Color is such big part of our personal style statement.  Male and female, young and old, today we are wearing our hair as an accessory, and we like to change it up.  And depending on the hair cut and how noticeable the desired effect is, there are so may different hair color techniques today.

Gore Salon stocks Redken professional hair color products, so that you get the desired effect, from natural highlights or grey coverage to show stopping color! Redken Chromatics, Shades EQ and more! Gore Salon is the only Redken Elite Salon in the area.
Redken hair

We are the blonde hair experts.

From icy platinum blonde to butter blondes and honey blondes, we know blonde hair.   Ask one of our stylists about the perfect shade of blonde hair to complement your skin tone and eye color.

Foil Highlights and Lowlights for varied tone

Foil Highlights - are an essential tool for the color technician to add one or more accent colors, called highlights, to your base color.  Hair color or lightener is brushed on individual sections of hair and wrapped in foil, using varying degrees of width and volume, to give a dimension to your natural color.

Sparkle foil highlights - provides up to 8 foils and are perfect as a taster of hair color or as an accent in one area of your hair (i.e. a fringe or parting). A few well placed foils can also brighten up your existing color.

Partial foil highlights - refers to anything less than a full head of foils. A very open-ended term that generally means the crown area, part-line and front hairline.

Full foil highlights - create an all-over effect of highlighted hair that can be woven or sliced, depending on the effect you require. It can be as natural or as bold as you would like it. You can add in as many colors as you would like to create a feeling of naturalness or it can be as big as your imagination.

Framing highlights  - placement of foils around the face to add brightness or for for dramatic effects to emphasis a haircut.

Lowlights -are like highlights with a major exception...instead of removing color, hair color is used to add tone or depth to washed out ends or simply adding darker strands. These lowlights add depth and variation.Foils are not the only means of applying color and lightener to get a dramatic effect.

Ombre Hair

Hair color is focused from the top down or the bottom up, and shades appear to melt into each other.  The ombre hair color look is often referred to as dip-dye. 

There is also balayage, a highlight technique which uses a brush without any foils, to apply color in a less precise manner. The overall effect is an effortless, casual look.

Blonde on Blonde - A hair coloring technique used to add a lighter shade to a darker hair color base or to add darker shade to a light blonde hair color. This technique helps your blonde hair transition from sun-kissed to winter snow ready!

All Over Color & Regrowth / Root Touch Ups  A complete change of color can produce dramatic and stunning results, or it may be used just to cover grey hair, or to enliven you own natural shade with better hair color depth and shine.  

All over color- is a permanent or semi-permanent hair color that is applied starting at the roots to ensure even and extensive grey hair coverage to achieve a perfect result. Our extensive hair color chart offers a massive choice of shades (depth of color) and tones (balance of tint colors).

Regrowth (or root touch ups) - touch up any new growth in between hair coloring services with a root touch up.  Not only does it cover new roots, but it also adds renewed color depth and shine so that your hair looks in great condition.

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Beautiful Color & Shine

Hair coloring has been revolutionized over the past decade by new techniques and technology. Whether you want dramatic color or glamorous shine, these are just some of the many methods we use to create beautiful hair color transformations.

Glossing - is a superb way to give your hair masses of shine, and add intensity and depth to your color. This semi-permanent hair color contains bees wax and conditioners that are gentle on your hair and can be used to camouflage grey hair or add depth, sheen and vibrancy to your hair color, whether natural or already colored Glossing will not lighten hair - it adds tone.

Redken Shades EQ Gloss is hair color that is fun, flirty and very fashionable. Speak to your hair colorist for a Shades EQ demi-permanent hair color that delivers color, shine and condition to your hair, a low commitment result means you can change the color of your hair every season.


  • 100% more shine than before coloring*
  • #1 Ammonia-Free, long-lasting, acidic, liquid demi-permanent haircolor**
  • Glaze, refresh, correct and blend gray
  • Contains wheat amino acids for healthy, shiny color with incredible conditioning

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