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A great haircut is essential to produce the perfect look and long-lasting hair style.  We pride ourselves at Gore Salon, located in the Irmo Columbia area, for our expertise in all aspects of Hair Styling- from hair cuts to special occasion updos, a hair cut and style at Gore Salon is as individual as you!

Your Gore stylist will take into account the shape of your face shape, your facial features,  the time you have for home-styling - and then advise on styles of cuts that would suit your face type and lifestyle.  Clippers, razors and scissors are used by our team to not only change the shape of your hairstyle, but also creating -

  • Volume - density and amount of hair body
  • Texture - sharp, wispy, smooth or blunt
  • and Movement - swept, sleek, wavy, or structured

Your Gore Salon stylist will be using some or all of these techniques when creating the perfect hair cut as the texture, direction of growth and volume may vary between your hair's crown, nape, bangs and sides.

Medium and Long Hairstyles

Some of us can remember the 70's and 80's when everyone wore the latest hair style. Not only were some of these "fashions" of very dubious merit, (bubble perms? & feather cuts?) but they took no account of your style. 21st century individuality now allows all of us to choose a hair cut and style that is both current and suitable for you.

The Shag Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles

Cutting short hairstyles hair can be challenging because they are far less forgiving of haircut errors in guide-lines, graduation and weight.  The stylists at Gore Salon know how to cut short hair of all textures.  Most importantly, your hairstyle should be suited to your head shape, facial features and overall look.

Our dedicated stylists at Gore Hair Salon in Columbia (Irmo) can advise you on looking after your beautiful hair to keep it looking lustrous and healthy. Regular trims and hair maintenance using the right products are advised to avoid damage to your hair.

Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

The style of your hair is a great way to draw attention to - or away from - your specific facial features.  Face framing layers can complement your eyes or your cheekbones. Soft graduated layers can help disguise a strong nose.  Your hairstyle can visually elongate a short neck or widen a narrow face.  It's amazing what a fresh haircut can do!


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