Short Hair Styles for 2015

Ring in the New Year with a New Look

When it comes to short hair styles, the looks and trends are always changing. Lately we have been seeing Hollywood celebrities rocking innovative new short hair styles that are turning heads.

Hottest short hair styles for 2015

If you are ready for a change, it’s a great idea to do a little research and find pictures of short hair styles.  Try to find pictures of short hair styles on people with a similar face shape and hair texture as yours.  Then bring in your ideas to your stylist and talk it through before you do any chopping.

The Pixie Cut

short hairstyles for 2015 Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCIf you are looking to go chic and dramatic, a pixie cut is for you! This look is very short indeed but is oh so glamorous at the same time! This cut works well for those with round face shapes as well as heart face shapes. Keep it simple and classic with the pixie cut for 2015.

The Shattered Bob

Ultra trendy, the shattered bob is way too much fun! The most versatile of the short hair styles, this look is great on just about anyone. This cut has a fun and slightly untamed feel to it and is perfect for those who are looking to be a bit wild with their style.

short hairstyle trend 2015 Gore Hair Salon Irmo Columbia SC

Stepping out of conventional style is best done with the edgy crop. This look is ultra daring but ever so trendy. It allows you to keep length on the top of your hair while the edges are finely trimmed. And the color options for this daring cut are endless!


View the full post here for lots of great celebrity pics: The Very Best Short Hairstyles

Here at Gore Salon in Columbia SC, we know all about short hair. If you are ready to step out of the ordinary and try one of these trendy styles, give one of Gore’s expert stylists a call.  Show us your ideas, we’ll give you a professional opinion and together we can make a plan to create your head-turning short hair style.