Red Hair Color – right for you?

is a Red Hair Color right for you?

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If you’re thinking of having a red hair color, there are several things to consider.

First is what hue of red to go with, you have strawberry, auburn, copper, and a true red.

If you’re not ready to make the full change to red hair – then a subtle change to strawberry blonde or auburn may be best. By adding just a touch of red to brunette you create an auburn shade.

This is a great way to change your hair color for fall and winter, and the result can vary depending on how light or dark you would like to go and the weight/thickness of the highlights or lowlights.


The darker shade of auburn, shown on Julia Roberts, has just a hint of red; however by choosing a lighter shade like Deborah Messing,
the red hair tones are accentuated just a bit more.

For blondes who want to spice it up a little, choosing a strawberry shade would be best.
Adding just a touch of red to your blonde will create this look, and once again can be very different depending on how dark you go.

Deborah Ann Woll from “True Blood” is a great example of the lighter strawberry blonde,
while Isla Fisher from “Wedding Crashers” is on the darker side.

If you’re ready to make the full commitment then copper or true red may be for you.
Copper hair colors tones have more of an orange hue to them, and this tends to look best on pinkish skin tones.

The darker copper is shown on Christina Hendricks from “Mad Men”, and the lighter on Marcia Cross from “Desperate Housewives”.

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Now, if you want to really turn heads then a true red may be what you’re looking for.  A true red is as red as you can get, no matter the darkness or lightness of your hair this type of red is going to always be noticeable, and Rihanna rocks it well!

However If you’re still unsure what shade is best for you, ask your stylist for their advice, that’s what we are here for!