Blonde Hair Color Guide for Summer

Blonde Hair Guide by Gore Salon, Irmo

Blonde is the most popular hair color for the summer. No matter what blonde hair color you’re after, whether it’s a natural dark blonde hair color or to enhance your own natural color with some bright blonde highlights or subtle lowlights, our Hair Salon in Irmo should be your salon of choice! Using some of the best products on the market, here at Gore Salon, Irmo we can transform you into the blonde bombshell you want to be.

Blonde Hair Colors summer Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SC

This is Gore’s guide to Blonde Hair Colours

Honey Blonde Hair Color –

Blonde Hair Colors summer Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCHoney Blonde hair color is one popular hair color that suits all skin complexions and can be combined with highlights making it a perfect hair color choice for 2013.  Because of the affordability and low maintenance of this hair color, it is one of the more popular summer hair color choices.  Honey blonde hair is a good hair color choice for those of you who don’t have time to visit the salon every 4 weeks. The classy sunkissed blonde hair color is less harsh on the hair as some of the brighter blonde hair colors making it easier to keep your hair in prime condition.

Jennifer Anniston suits her blonde hair with a honey hue.  Jennifer regularly brightens up her blonde hair with highlights giving a sunkissed look, perfect for the summer. This is a great way to keep yourself from getting bored with your hair color.

Ashley Olsen wears her blonde hair with a honey hue also which is striking against her green eyes and tanned skin.

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Dark Blonde Hair Color –

Blonde Hair Colors summer Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCThe most natural of the blonde hair colors is dark blonde hair. It’s natural, subtle and very easy to maintain.

Highlights and lowlights can be added to dark blonde hair meaning the overall look of the hair color can be changed easily.  This hair color is the most easily maintained blonde hair color due to the easiness and affordability of a root touch-up, which is perfect to tide you over inbetween getting your full color and highlights done.

Hilary Duff demonstrates how a darker blonde hair color will look with honey and platinum highlights, she adds emphasis on the ends of the hair creating a softer more ombre hue.

Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her dark blonde hair which is full of fine platinum blonde highlights.


Platinum Blonde Hair Color –

Blonde Summer hair color Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCPlatinum is easily the most WOW blonde hair color. This hair color is made for you if you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Platinum hair is very versatile as it suits pale tanned complexions.

Christina Aguilera shows us platinum hair color with a cool hue and how it can look on a more tanned skin tone.  Christina’s bright red lippie completes the look.

Paler skin tones also suit platinum blonde hair. Gwen Stefani wears her platinum hair color with a warmer hue.

Platinum hair color is often perceived to be a high-maintenance hair colour , but it is much easier to maintain than perceived. At Gore Salon, Irmo we can keep roots at bay with an easy, affordable root touch-up!


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