2013 Oscars Red Carpet Hairstyles

Hairstyles at the 2013 Oscars

The 85th Academy Awards took place in all it’s glittering tinseltown glory. It’s the one big night of the year where the stars of screen come together to be awarded and honoured for their acting prowess.  Just as important as the Oscar awards themselves are of course the red carpet looks.


Here, at our Hair Salon in Irmo we take a look at the variety of hairstyles at the 2013 Oscars.

Long Hairstyles at the 2013 Oscars


Long hair was the order of the day amongst the main leading ladies when it came to the 2013 Oscars.  Jessica Chastain was simply breathtaking in every single way.  Her perfect loose strawberry blonde curls cascaded over her shoulders and complimented her striking beaded Armani couture gown in an off nude off peach colour.  Her bright red lips finished off her 2013 Oscars red carpet look.     Reese Witherspoon’s gorgeous blonde hair was perfectly styled into Hollywood worthy curls for her 2013 Oscars hairstyle. The electric blue colour of her dress really finished off her striking look.

Up-Do Hairstyles at the 2013 Oscars


Jennifer Lawrence made a dramatic entrance in her volumised Dior couture gown.  Whilst the gown was overbearing her hairstyle was not.  Perfect, intricate and sophisticated Jennifer Lawrence’s 2013 Oscars hairstyle was understated yet dazzling.  Curfew won the best short action film award and it’s star, young Fatima Ptacek showcased a braided updo ballet bun hairstyle at the 2013 Oscars.   Amy Adams 2013 Oscars dress was a flamboyant feathered number. The loose hair at the sides framed her face and complimented the soft texture of the skirt. The drama of the outfit was the main focus with her understated 2013 Oscar’s hairstyle allowing the attention to be lavished on her dove grey dress.

Short Hairstyles at the 2013 Oscars


Queen of the 2013 short hairstyles Anne Hathaway was ever the contemporary Audrey Hepburn with her 2013 Oscars red carpet look. Her hair was famously cut and shaved for her nominated role of Fantine in the film adaptation of Les Miserables and Anne has been growing it since. We think it suits her!  Charlize Theron and her short hairstyle looked absolutely amazing at the Oscars.  From her red carpet white structured dress to her softer outfit for her performance on stage with Channing Tatum, Charlize’s short hairstyle brings out her beautiful features.  Kelly Osbourne’s shorter purple hair was pulled back and slicked down for her 2013 Oscars hairstyle.

The Worst 2013 Oscars Hairstyles


Kristen Stewart turned up to the 2013 Oscars on crutches due to a foot injury therefore we will forgive her for not being able to carry a purse and therefore not being able to carry a brush – as she obviously left hers at home!  The same could probably be said for Helena Bonham Carter. We’re not sure whether Helena’s 2013 Oscars Hairstyle was meant to be a tribute to her character of the innkeeper’s wife from Les Miserables.  It was hard to distinguish whether she had infact arrived in costume! Melissa McCarthy we adore you in Bridesmaids but this big hair is just a bit too big. Give it a couple of hours to drop and go easy on the hairspray – it might help!