I have always appreciated Denise’s candor

In the past, I had a habit of flitting from one hairdresser to another after just a few years at most. I have very thin, flat hair and could not find a professional who took the time or had the patience to consult with me about the most flattering hairstyle and color for my hair type and face.

I have been a client of Denise Hudson’s for over 12 years. I have always appreciated Denise’s candor, like so many women are prone to do, I have brought in pictures of hairstyles I thought appealing, but if Denise knew it would not work for me, she would tell me upfront. Before becoming a client of Denise’s, I never recall receiving complements on my hair but now, I have friends ask for a referral. I believe that says it all!

Kathy McCabe, West Columbia