Why Pureology?

Why Pureology?

Complete Line of Pureology Hair Care available at Gore salon in columbia SC

We at Gore Salon strive to provide the highest quality color care products that will protect your new color, enhance radiance, dramatically improve hair condition, and respect the environment. We are proud to offer the complete Pureology line of shampoos, conditioners, treatments, and styling products.

1. ANTIFADE  COMPLEX- A potent blend of antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to protect color from free radical damage and harsh environmental aggressors.

2. ZERO  SULFATE  SHAMPOOS- A natural cleansing system derived from coconut, corn, and sugar to deliver a rich lather while maximizing color retention.

3. 100%  VEGAN   FORMULAS-No animal products or by-products.

4. MULTI-SENSORY-Derived from leaves, roots or berries, the botanicals provide natural conditioning to all hair types. All free of synthetic pesticides or chemicals and from sustainable sources.

5. CONCENTRATED  FORMULAS-Highly concentrated formulas deliver up to 80 shampoos. (Two times more than other professional shampoos.)

Only 33 cents per application. (per 10.1 oz. bottle.)

6. COLOR  CARE  SYSTEMS-Different systems address specific needs of color-treated hair, dry, fine, unmanageable, distressed, and age-weakened.