Viviscal Professional for Thinning Hair

Viviscal for thinning hair Columbia SC

Thinning hair is just part of aging, right?

For some of us, thinning hair is self-inflicted.  Often caused by breakage from aggressive hair brushing, frequent ponytails, flat ironing, and even some hair color processes.  We know that we can take steps to better preserve our tresses by reducing the heat styling, shampooing less frequently and treating hair with extra care and conditioning.

But for many men and women, their thinning hair problem is much bigger than that.  Caused by many factors including hormones, nutrition, stress and even medications, clinical thinning hair can effect both men and women. And when these factors are combined, a stressful job during menopause for example, the appearance of thinning hair can be rather sudden and dramatic.

Thinning hair can be devastating. The available solutions are often undesirable, such as expensive hair transplants,  drugs with risky side effects, or concealing thin or balding spots with hair pieces.   Over the counter hair and nail vitamins are very affordable, but they are no match for thinning hair.

viviscal hair growth supplementsIntroducing Viviscal

Viviscal Professional is a solution that is now available in doctor’s offices and select salon’s in the country.  Viviscal is a drug-free supplement, developed after 20 years of research and clinical trials, with the right combination of nutrients to increase hair growth.

Proven to reduce hair thinning

Viviscal is clinically proven to help regrow and thicken hair in 4 stages over six months.   Many users start to see first results in as little as three months.

  • Nourishes hair from the inside out
  • Increases growth of dormant hair follicles
  • Reduces shedding to keep more hair on your head
  • Increases hair’s diameter so it looks thicker and fuller

Participants in the studies also noticed other great benefits

  • increased overall hair volume
  • improved scalp coverage
  • better hair and nail strength

Viviscal Professional Supplements are available at Gore Salon in Irmo near Columbia, SC.  Call (803) 781-4515.

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