Flood Relief

In light of the recent & historic South Carolina weather, we (staff
at Gore Salon), our families, & homes were spared! Unfortunately, some of
our clients, friends, neighbors, & most of the community were not. It’s very
hard not to be grateful, of course, but to also have such a fire in our
bellies to reach out, give back, & love thy neighbor in times such as these!

As a team, & almost simultaneously, we tuned in to the requests &
needs of our surrounding areas. Closets were purged, shopping lists were
checked off…even product from the salon shelves were pulled! Folks had
lost everything, & we were set on helping in any way that we could.

We would find items near to depletion in stores; Sam’s, Walmart,
Dollar Tree, etc. because of others with the same mindset as us. How amazing
it that? The outpouring of support across our beautiful state, our HOME, has
been so very heartwarming!

In the months to come, there will be plenty of clean up to be done,
restoring, & aid needed. We plan on keeping our eyes & ears opened for any &
all opportunities to share our selves wherever we can!