Vacation Hair – Pack your Bags!

Vacation Hair — Pack your Bags!


We daydream all year long about our next vacation no matter the destination; the sand and surf, the mountains and trails, even canyons and waterfalls and so much more.

With all of this fun in mind, the planning begins:  travel, accommodations, schedules and of course, what to pack; clothes, shoes and accessories, food and toiletries. We throw in toothbrushes and toothpaste, razors, deodorant, makeup, colognes and perfumes, and shampoo and conditioner.  But seldom do we stop to consider what our hair really needs while it, too, is on vacation.

Our hair is like a fabric and is often susceptible to the changing and harsh environments to where we travel. The beach offers great times but can be, at the least, “not kind” to our color, foil highlights, texture perms and other chemical services. Salt is a natural mordant (attractor) to the dyes in hair color and if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you know that it is not just in the water, but in the air as well. This along with the chlorine in pools and the heat from the sun are a natural disaster to virgin hair, much less chemically treated hair. It can strip color, dull and discolor highlights and even relax curl from perms.

Our trip to the mountains can also be filled with hidden hair dangers.
The water coming from faucets can be filled with iron and other minerals that can get trapped in porous, chemically treated hair can make it vulnerable to holding these natural minerals in. This can have an adverse reaction to the chemicals in hair color, lighteners, and chemical texturizers, some as bad as disintegration of the hair itself in a matter of minutes after application.

So, you ask, “How can I protect my hair from this onslaught of environmental warfare”?  That’s easy, pack a vacation bag for your hair as well.  Talk to your stylist ahead of time about your destination and plans. They can advise you on what specific shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, hair UV, chlorine and mineral protectors you will need along with any other advice on special usage of these for your specific trip.

Don’t let sun and fun ruin your investment, “Pack a Bag” for your hair and protect it with the right Hair Care Products and Styling Tools.

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