Corrective Hair Color and Hair Color Correction in Columbia SC

When hair color goes wrong, there is a path to redemption.  It’s call corrective hair color, and at Gore Salon, this is one of our expertise!  We have seen several clients recently in need of hair color correction for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes an at-home box color attempt didn’t go as planned or has caused damage over time.  We don’t judge…this actually happens frequently.  We understand that these color mishaps can be an emotional and frustrating experience.  We are here to help get your hair back in a healthy condition, and restore your confidence with a hair color that you love.

We can correct over-processed ends, beautifully blend in regrowth and re-balance any hair color!

We can take that over-the-top blonde down a notch…or two.

True blonde hair has natural highs and lows and when that dimension disappears, lightened hair can look ‘fake.’ Recreating the look of born-with-it blonde hair is a skill, and at Gore Salon, we are passionate about blondes of all types.  Carmel blondes, honey blondes, platinum blondes.  We’ll help you get the right blonde hair for your skin tone and eye color. Look at these beautiful blonde hair transformations by Gore stylists!What is Color Correction?

We can strip away layers of box hair dye and reveal your beautiful hair.

What is Color Correction?It’s a process, but it can be done. If you’re a brunette and have been depositing color on your hair for as long as you can remember, maybe it’s time for your transformation. At Gore Salon, we can rediscover your brunette locks and add some beautiful modern dimension with the right highlights and low lights.  Not only will your hair thank you, you’ll notice your complexion looks rejuvenated because your coloring is back in balance.

If you are ready for a hair color transformation or for corrective hair color, call Gore Salon in Columbia Irmo, SC

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