Curly beach hair – Making Waves

Does the curly hair of Blake Lively, Kate Hudson, and Jennifer Aniston make you yearn for some hair waves of your own? Tired of straight hair or just want something new and different for a night on the town.

Here a few basic ideas to get you started on creating hair curls, waves and movement .

Curly beach hair Gore hair salon Irmo columbia SCCurling irons are back…redesigned with new technology they are just downright fun to play around with, creating new looks.

We now have tapered or conical, rotating, two-pronged and even hourglass. With a little practice and creativity you can have the beach hair waves of Kate Hudson in no time!

When working with these tools you have to think inconsistent, loose curls, and what we as hairstylists call a “deconstructed” effect.

Use a large iron, hold it vertically and pick up large sections to give soft, beach wave effect like Blake Lively. Don’t brush through the hair when finished, just finger-comb lightly, add some cream wax or light pomade to give texture and shine.

Curly Beach hair Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCFor hair waves that are loose at the roots and tighter on the ends, like Jennifer Aniston, a tapered or conical iron is the perfect choice.

This specialty iron can also be used to give a spiral hair effect like Taylor Swift.

To attain the Vanessa Hudgens hairstyle, try using different size sections and leaving out the ends.

Remember you are looking for the slightest bend in your hair without volume at the root. Whether you are an old pro with curling irons or a beginner, think outside of the box and set your own curly hairstyle trends!