Hair Color Correction

hair color correctionIf your hair color has turned into a hair color disaster, we are here to help.

Changing your hair color is seldom as simple as it seems and we frequently are called upon to correct an at-home hair color attempt.

If you’ve had a bad hair color experience at home or at another salon, seek one of our hair color correction experts at Gore Salon in Columbia South Carolina.  Fixing hair color problems is where our dedicated team of hair colorists is worth their weight in gold.  We’ll look at your hair and determine the best course of action to restore your hair back to perfection.

Fixing Hair Color Problems

Hair color correction is as much a science as it is an art.  Previously colored hair may have different shades at the tips than the roots, because of sun light or frequent washing.  Or there could be a build-up of color on the mid-lengths that is  darker than the rest.  All this must be factored in to changing the hair color.

Often times, when clients attempt a box color at home, the resulting shade is not what they expected.  Fixing  hair color problems can mean dealing with highlights that are too yellow or removing bands or color where color has overlapped during the application process.   Sometimes the attempted hair color is simply the wrong shade, or lightened too far from the natural color,  which conflicts with the skin tone rather than complementing it.

Dealing with Hair Color problems – is a specialty of Gore Salon. The technician will analyze every part of your hair to calculate the accurate mix of tones and shades to restore an overall color.  If you have a hair color disaster – DO NOT worry, we have the experience, skills and techniques to help you.

Call the hair color correction experts at Gore Salon

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Look at this Gore client, who recently came to the salon after attempting to color her hair at home.  Not only was the color much too light for her complexion, the process left her hair dry and damaged.

Our client was relieved that we were able to keep the length of her hair and create that natural-looking warm blond shade that she wanted.  The chosen shade of blond was perfect to complement her skin’s “cool” under tones.  Her hair looks healthy and radiant, and with some extra TLC in between appointments, she’ll be able to continue to have soft, shiny hair.

This Gore client had damaged hair from an at-home color product.  Gore Salon was able to restore the luster and heath to her hair, thanks to Olaplex & Redken Color.

color correction at Gore Salon

Has you blonde hair turned green?

Don’t panic. Blonde hair can turn green after spending a lot of time in a chlorinated swimming pool.  Along with the green tint in your hair, you may notice a slippery coating caused by the chemical build up. 

How to get rid of green hair!

In order to remove the green discoloration and slimy texture, we recommend a professional chelating treatment. We use a salon product called Pre-Art to remove the chlorine deposits and lift away the buildup that is weighing your hair down.

Prices began at $25.