Ombre Hair Color – fad or hairstyle trend?

ombre hair colourOmbre Hair Color  what is it, and is it for me?

Hopefully this will help answer those questions!


The basis of Ombre is to have the roots at the crown of the head begin with a darker, more natural hair shade and the bottom gradually blend into a lighter tone. It can be done successfully with blondes, brunettes and redheads. Ombre color can subtly whisper, or scream out loud, and our stylist can help you decide if the ombre look is right for you!

sarah jessica ombre colorSarah Jessica Parker is a perfect example of subtle ombre hair color, starting out with medium brown roots and fading into a golden blonde.

Sarah’s Ombre style is especially natural looking with the lighter hair framing her face a little more.


Ombre Hair Sandra bullockOmbre Color miley cyrusOmbre color usually looks best on longer hair, with the lighter strands starting at about the chin, but it can be worn short like Miley Cyrus.

You do tend to see celebs hair curled with Ombre, giving a more natural look; however it can be worn straight like Lauren Conrad and Sandra Bullock do.


The goal here is not to look like you haven’t been to the hair stylists in months, but to look naturally sun kissed!


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2 thoughts on “Ombre Hair Color – fad or hairstyle trend?”

    1. Kayla, honestly it is near to impossible to give a price range for Ombre without first doing a consultation because every Ombre is different. Some are subtle requiring only a few foils, while others are drastic. I have a few stylists with experience doing Ombre color and would love to get you in for a quick consultation to see if the look you would like to achieve is in your price range! if you would like to set up a free consult please give me a call at the salon. 803-781-4515. Thank you so much.

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