Wedding Updos & Vintage Styles

Bridal and Wedding Hair Styles from Gore Salon, Irmo

Planning your big day?  We are so excited for you!  Browsing for ideas is so much fun.  Once you gather your wedding hair ideas, let the friendly team at Gore Salon help you look through the wedding hair styles for your special day.

Learn more about Gore’s wedding services, and see some of their very own wedding hair styles.

Gore Brides are stunning!  Let our talented stylists advise you on the best wedding hair and makeup styles to complement your natural beauty and your wedding gown.  Enjoy browsing some of our favorite looks from around the web!

Vintage and Retro Wedding Hair Styles

Classic Bridal Hair 123 Vintage Classic Bridal Hairstyle 123 Wedding Classic Hairstyle 123

We’re blaming Instagram for the vintage boom – putting an old style filter over our photos has somewhat added to the rise of the vintage and retro trend don’t you think?  Take a step back to the bygone eras of prohibition, wartime America, and the rock and roll elements of the ’50s to get inspiration for the perfect vintage wedding hair styles.  We have seen a huge shift towards retro themed weddings in the last few years so if you’re getting married somewhere full of old character or you have a vintage inspired wedding dress or wedding theme then maybe a retro and vintage hair style will be the perfect choice for your wedding day.

For inspiration on hairstyle services in Irmo, take a look at our haircuts and hairstyles at Gore Hair Salon.

Upstyles for Brides

Hair Up Bridal 123 Hair Up Do Wedding 123 Up Do Hairstyle Bridal 123

The upstyle or updo is a very popular choice when it comes to wedding hair styles.  If you’re getting married in the warmer months then an upstyle can help keep your hair out of your way and firmly in place for a full day and night of nuptial celebrations.  Bridal updos can incorporate veils, bridal hair accessories or flowers.  Braids, curls and texture all add to stunning bridal upstyles.

Wedding Hair Styles for Long Hair

Long Bridal Hair 123 Long Hairstyle Wedding Bridal 123 Long Wedding Hair 123

Whether your hair is long naturally or you’ve added length and volume with hair extensions, long hair styles for brides breathe a certain air of romance and femininity.  Maybe it’s those years as a child dreaming of being a Disney princess with her long flowing hair that makes many of us crave long, fairytale inspired hairstyles for our wedding day?  Whether you wear your long bridal hair down and straight, add curls or waves or opt for a half up, half down style, bridal hair accessories can really enhance a long wedding hair style.

Wedding Hair Styles for Shoulder Length Hair

Medium Length Bridal Hair 123 Wedding Bridal Long Hair 123 Wedding Up Do Hairstyle 123

Bridal or wedding hair styles for shoulder length hair are many and versatile. Whether you opt to put your mid length wedding hair into an upstyle or you choose to wear it full of volume and texture, to get the best out of your medium length hair on your wedding day remember to maintain regular appointments and keep your hair in optimum condition.

Wedding Hair Styles for Short Hair

If you have short hair don’t worry.  There are so many stunning wedding hair styles for short-haired brides!  At our Hair Salon in Irmo we find that many brides with short hair tend to add embellished hair accessories to really make the most out of their short bridal hairstyle.  There are some stunning headbands, tiaras, brooches, clasps and decorated clips that can really enhance a short bridal hair style.  You can even get elaborate with hair extensions, braids and flowers.  It’s all up to you!

Bridal Classic Hairstyle 123 Wedding Short Hairstyle 123 Bridal Hair Short 123