Eyebrow waxing, lip and chin waxing, eyebrow tinting at Gore Salon in Columbia SC

Waxing is the most efficient temporary hair removal option because it removes hair from the root instead of having to tweeze individual hairs or shave delicate skin. Facial waxing gives a smooth and clean finish every time so that makeup goes on smoother and skin feels silky.

Individual results will vary, as your hair regrowth is unique to you. To get the best results for subsequent waxing appointments, we recommend you let the hair grow in for around three weeks in between. At that point, you will notice some regrowth and by four to six weeks there will be an optimal amount and length of hair present for the wax to grab hold.

WaxingBrow Shaping at Gore Salon in Columbia

Brow Wax & Shape, $21

It’s amazing what a difference an eyebrow shape can make in the way you look and feel.  Let one of our brow technicians perform a customized brow shaping, brow wax and tweeze to “open and lift” your eyes and create the perfect frame. The effect can be enhanced further by tinting the brow to add definition.  Ask about our brow tinting services. 

Facial Waxing at Gore Salon in Columbia

There’s no need to feel self-conscious or apologetic when having facial waxing performed. It’s common to notice some changes in facial hair’s color, thickness or texture throughout adulthood. We have no control over how it grows or where it grows, but we can manage the appearance of it!

Lip Wax, $21

Chin wax, $21

To avoid redness or irritation following a waxing, keep these few tips in mind:

  • avoid repeatedly touching the area no matter how nice and smooth it feels
  • if skin looks pink after an hour or two, place a cold compresses over the area
  • avoid applying makeup over the newly waxed area during the first 24 hours if possible 

Brow Tinting…hair color formulated just for your brows.

Brow Tinting available now at Gore Salon, $25

Intensify your eyes by adding definition to your brows with specially formulated color to enhance your brow color and natural shape. The effects last for several weeks too!