Mens Hair 101

Okay, so you stopped to get a haircut today at the place you heard about on the radio. Well, your hair is shorter, and you did get to watch a 2 year old lacrosse game on the TV, and all for 10 bucks! So why not happy and better yet, why are you wearing a hat?

Sadly, men’s options when it comes to their grooming needs have morphed into chop shop chains in a strip center shopping mall. The staff are usually recent grads with limited skills and, unfortunately for the client, underwhelming results. But wait, it’s just a man’s haircut so what’s the big deal?

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Truth is, men’s hair is an extension of our personality.  A potential employer, girlfriend, client, or customer can learn a bit about yourself by the way you wear your hair. Whether good or bad it’s an accessory we wear 24/7, 365 days a year. First impressions are very important, and if the first one is bad, there may never be a second.

Next time you leave your barber or stylist, when you get home take a good look at the work. Stand in front of your bathroom mirror with a hand mirror and check out the cut. Is the haircut free of visible lines? Are the sideburns and neckline even? Is the outlining clean and crisp? Is everything laying as it should?  Does it grow out evenly and naturally? These are all things to look for. If your answer was “no” to any or all of these questions, fire your stylist!

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Follow the tips below for choosing the right professional for your style.

  • Make sure the salon is modern in both in looks and its stylists. If the salon and its stylists are dated, their work will be too.
  • If a stylist says “we don’t use clippers only shears”, it’s because they aren’t trained in the technique. A good mens’ haircut will utilize many tools to achieve the desired look.
  • An experienced stylist will be honest about your hair and expectations. If the only options are short and shorter, or tells you “your hair won’t do that” without explaining why..….run !

It’s important to find a professional who will listen to you and give you good advice. Once you find this stylist, stick with him or her and build a long term relationship.

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