Hair Color and Style Trends for 2013

At our Hair Salon in Irmo, Columbia, we make it our business to stay on top of what’s current and on trend.

Here, we give you our pick of the most anticipated and upcoming haircut and hair color trends for 2013:

Ultimate Hair Color Trends 2013

Futuristic Hair Colors

For those wanting to embrace the ultimate in hair color trends for 2013, then this is the style for you. These futuristic hair colors are some of the most exciting hair colors we can expect to see for 2013. These bold and daring colors will instantly give you a modern and individual look that guarantees your style will stand out from the crowd! To make this hair color trend really work for you, it is imperative that you pick a color that is suitable for your complexion. It is advisable to also think about the upkeep and maintenance of an all over color – regrowth will have a dramatic impact on the color if maintenance is not regular. If you’re in two-minds about making the color-change permanently, then it may be worth considering some highlights or trying a semi-permanent color to try out your new futuristic hair color style.



Blonde vs Black Hair Color Trends

This new hair color style for 2013, merges two of the most prevalent and sought after hair colors; blonde and black. The look uses color blocking or color panels to create a stand-out two-toned style.This hair color trend really works when hair is an icy blonde color all over, with either slim or chunky highlights scattered throughout, in a deep and dark ebony shade. This hair color trend for 2013 will look fabulous on those with a very up-to-date, short bob haircut.


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Brunette Hair Colors with Highlights

Brunette hair has always been one of the most sought-after hair color trends. This is hair color trend that looks incredibly natural and is very popular because the color (whether dyed or natural) is considerably low maintenance. The idea of this hair style and color trend is to add a variety of highlights to an all over brunette colour to achieve a more vivacious and current style. Any colors can be added with some of the most common culprits being red, purple, blonde and black. Red hair color highlights are really on-trend for 2013, thanks to the luminous undertones that look incredible against brunette hair.

“The”Hair Style Trends for 2013

Bangs! (The Fringe)

The fringe is going to be at the forefront of the ultimate hair style trends for 2013. A fringe can change your style instantly without you having to alter the length of your hair. Having “bangs” can also hide any imperfections you make be conscious of that you want to disguise. A fringe can be cut in many ways. A blunt fringe will look fantastic if you have a sexy short bob. For longer layered hair, you can consider layered bangs that fall to the side and have a little more shape. Or you could try a very on-trend style and go for an asymmetrical fringe, guaranteed to leave you with a stand-out hair trend for 2013.  

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Casual and Minimal Effort Styles

Messy curls and waves, fishtail braids and side plaits, low ponytails, top knots and buns: these are the styles we are seeing that adopt the “less is more” attitude and as such have become some of the most current casual hair style trends for 2013. Keep it messy, loose and looking like you’ve made as little effort as possible to look absolutely fabulous!

 Bohemian Hair Styles for 2013

This is another low maintenance and effortless hair style trend for 2013. These bohemian hair style trends have been created to give the idea that very little effort has been applied to achieve such a natural and feminine hair style. Wavy hair is a good place to start for any boho hair style. From here, a whole hosts of styles including half up-dos, plaits (fishtail, milkmaid), braids and twisted styles can be achieved. These gorgeous relaxed styles can be worn casually as on holiday as a beach-style hair trend or dressed up for a special occasion or party.