Top 10 Fantasy Hair Color Trends

According to Redken, there were at least 10 eye-catching hair color trends that emerged in 2016…in all colors of the rainbow.   As a Redken Elite Salon, and certified Redken Colorists,  we definitely saw some of these trends with our clients at Gore Salon in Columbia SC

Our clients know that at Gore, we are pretty passionate about hair color.  We’ve seen it all and we’ve tried it all.  I guess you could say fantasy hair color doesn’t shock us anymore.  We embrace it. 

Even our own Terri Gore was rocking some bold hair color this year! Here she is showing off the addition of some new purple highlights.

So yes, Redken, we totally agree.  So here is a look at the fantasy hair color we saw this year, featuring pictures from our own Gore Salon clients and staff members.

Opal Hair

Opal hair has a lot of dimension, and you’ll notice different shades from every angle.  Lightener and color is applied to achieve a subtle prism effect on an overall blonde look. 

Opal Hair looks great here on Gore Salon stylist Heather Zechman. Heather was recently featured on Instagram, view here.

oil slick hairOil Slick Hair

On a base of dark hair, iridescent jewel toned shades of green, purple, blue and yellow are applied.  Color appear to swirl together in a rainbow effect, like you would see, well, on an oil slick.

oil slickUnderlights

Some people refer to this as shadow box color.  It’s a peak-a-boo wild color when pulled up.  When hair is down, it’s conservative, but when hair is up your wild side is on full display!  To achieve this look, your stylist will pull the top layers f our hair up, and lighten the underneath hair before applying the color or colors of your choice.

lavender-to-blue-ombre-2-copyMermaid Hair

No Disney Princess Hair here.  Mermaid hair is inspired by the cool colors of the sea from blues and greens to pinks and corals.  In order to achieve this striking look and have colors melting into one another, hair will most likely have to be lightened all over before color can be applied.

This particular Gore Salon client is never shy about hair color.  Stylist Lauren Mazza enjoys transitioning her from one fantasy color to another, and we look forward to what she’ll go for next!

heather-zechman-red-hairSunset Hair

Another dramatic look with beautiful bold shades that melt into each other.  Rather than cool colors of the sea, the Sunset Hair uses vibrant warm tones of reds and orange with hints of pink and purple, just like you would see as the sun sets.  Like mermaid hair, this look will require lifting the base color all over in order to capture the intensity of the colors.

This sunset hair color pictured here was created by stylist Heather Zechman.

lavender-before-after-2Pastel Hair

Cotton candy pink, baby blue, mint greet or pretty lilacs, the look is always ultra feminine. 

This is one of our clients many looks with fantasy hair color.  This pretty lilac was done in 2014.  You might say she was ahead of her time!

pastel-pink-gore-salonRose Gold Hair

Rose Gold is all the rage from hair, to jewelry and accessories to the new iPhone.  This girly hair color is somewhere between a gold and a copper.  This hair color will require lightening all over before the color is applied and a tinted glaze on the top for the coppery effect.

Silver Hair

Granny gray is hip at any age thanks in part to the silver hair trend and the countless celebs that have rocked the look this year.

dip-dye-gore-salonDip Dye Hair

Similar to an ombre hair effect, dip dye hair features one shade at the roots that gradates to another shade at the tips, with variations along the way.  The Dip Dye look features bolder fantasy colors with no color variation in the middle.  Popular dip dye colors are hot pink, purple and bright blue.

136Rainbow Bangs

Rainbow banks make quite a statement and are a great way to try a fantasy hair color without going for the entire head of hair.  By making a statement on the color of your bangs, you really bring attention to your eyes and face!

Are you ready to make your move?  If you decide that fantasy hair color is for you, make sure you talk to the certified Redken Hair Color professionals at Gore Salon in Columbia, SC.   Not only are we passionlate about hair color, we experiment with fantasy hair color of our own.  We understand how to achieve the purest colors and show you how to get them to last. And when you’re ready to try a new color, we know how to transition your hair from one color to the next without all the damage!

And don’t forget, professional home care products make all the difference the world, especially when it comes to maintaining bold fantasy color.  Be sure to use products that gentle and sulfate free so they don’t dry hair out.  Avoid harsh cleansing agents and protect hair before heat styling.  This will preserve the vibrancy of your color for as long as possible.