Gore Salon in Columbia SC is certified in the Brazilian Blowout and the Brazilian Express Keratin Smoothing Treatment

If you are struggling to manage curly or coarse hair, or hair that tends to frizz, you might consider a Brazilian Blowout keratin smoothing treatment for 12 weeks of bliss! 

What is the Brazilian Blowout? 

We get a lot of inquiries about Brazilian Blowouts, especially when the weather in Columbia SC gets humid. Also referred to as a keratin treatment or smoothing treatment, this in-salon service will transform hair into a more manageable style and enhance its shine.  And for course, curly hair or hair that has a tendency to frizz, the transformation is unbelievable. 

Keratin Treatments Keratin Treatments

You decide: leave some curl or go all the way straight

What’s unique about the Brazilian Blowout treatment is that results are customizable, so that you can keep some curl and lose the frizz, or go for a sleek, straight style. The process actually improves the condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The end result is frizz-free hair, radiant shine and blow dry times…no matter which level of smoothing you choose.

Benefits of a keratin treatment:

  • No down time – immediately wash hair, exercise, put hair in a stylish pony tail or clip without worry.
  • Safe and effective on all hair types curly, kinky, coily, frizzy, fine, damaged or coarse
  • No permanent change to curl pattern – after about 12 weeks, natural curl pattern returns.
  • No line of demarcation as your hair grows – great for transitioning from Japanese straighteners, relaxers or other keratin treatments.

How much does a Brazilian Keratin Treatment cost?

The Brazilian Blowout is an involved service which takes approximately 4-5 hours.  The service includes a full size Shampoo and Conditioner to help maintain results at home. 

We offer an express keratin blowout, by Keratin Express, which starts at $75.  As the name implies, the express service is much shorter.  The service consists of a shampoo, application of the treatment and processing time, blowdry and finish. The total service is about one and a half hours and the results will last a couple of weeks. 

Brazilian Blowout, lasts up to 12 weeks starting at $350
Express Keratin Treatment, lasts about 4 weeks starting at $75

How Brazilian Blowout keratin treatment works:

Essentially keratin is a protein that contains several different amino acids and helps to make our hair elastic and strong. During a keratin treatment, this protein fills in the gaps in the hair’s cuticle, gives the hair a little muscle, resulting in stronger, straighter hair.

Ready to try the Brazilian Blowout?

If you want a more manageable style or a silky smooth hair cut & style without all blowdry time and straightening irons, now is a great time to book your appointment with one of our professionals here at Gore Salon.

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