Short Hair is the New Long

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Long hair don’t care! Hands up if you are guilty of investing in hair extensions or taking a magical supplement to grow long and gorgeous locks. Well, we’re #sorrynotsorry but ladies are visiting their stylists and are asking for “the chop” … that’s right, short hair is in!

Celebrities started chopping their long locks around Spring time and it shows no sign of slowing down! Are you ready to take the plunge? I mean, you did just spend years trying to grow out your hair right?

short hairstyles Gore hair salon Irmo ColumbiaWe say, take the plunge! Both the long choppy bob and the classy and chic bob are proving to be the new sexy hairstyles. They are classy, fresh and well, on trend! Celebrities like Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and Britney Spears have all shown just how desirable this look can be. Check out the celebrity hairstyles below and tell us you aren’t inspired to change things up!

Taylor Swift surprised us all when she cut off her well known curly locks! Her look created an overall new image for this pop star! She went from young to sophisticated and sexy, all in a few snips!

Emma Stone is known for her gorgeous red hair color, this star has made some pretty dramatic color changes over the past year. But our favorite change that Emma made was taking the length off! Sexy and chic!

Emma Roberts known best for her young and fun role in Hotel For Dogs, this actress grew up and traded in her long hair for a sophisticated bob!

Kaley Cuoco started out with a gorgeous choppy bob but this actress took things even more dramatic and surprised us all with this awesome pixie! Now that’s “banging” (yes, pun intended).

short hairstyles Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCKylie Jenner stepped away from the usual Kardashian sister look and cut her locks to go along with the pastel hair color. This Kardashian sister doesn’t lack style.

Beyoncé the queen of music rotates between her extensions and her rockin’ bob, either way her hair is nothing short of perfection![/one_half][/segment]

Kristen Stewart: Kstew started a whirl wind of opinions with this cut and color! She has the personality to pull off this look and although the color wasn’t our favorite, she definitely rocked the shorter textured hair.

Britney Spears has been the latest to jump on board with this short hair trend and we keep thinking, why didn’t she do this years ago!?! Looking sophisticated and professional, this look suits her well.

So, are you inspired yet? Hair can become a form of a security blanket for some but it’s time to live and well, “Just Cut The Darn Thing.” Do your research, find the perfect short hair look that fits your lifestyle and book the appointment!