Short hair cuts – in the Year of the Dragon

Short hair cuts — in the Year of the Dragon



One of the biggest films this Year was “the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.  The star of the film is Lisbeth Salander,  an unconventional and socially unaccommodating female, with a photographic memory. She rocks black leather, tattoo’s, piercings and spiky, partially shaved short cropped black hair.

  Androgynous looks like this take fashion to the next level with beautiful, powerful women wearing hot, edgy gender bent hair.  Her mix of masculinity and femininity is irresistible. This androgynous look is being seen in street fashion and has a dark, urban feel that gives it an edgy vibe. The masculinity is in the cut, and the femininity is in the texture.

Cropped hair through the ages

short pixie haircuts Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCWomen first began this defiant trend in the 1920’s, cutting their hair and dresses short.  One of the edgiest short hair styles of the time made popular by silent film star Louise Brooks!

Short cropped hair in fashion

short pixie haircuts Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCThen in the 60’s, Mia Farrow made the short crop ultra feminine yet at the same time quite boyish and also style icons like super model Twiggy. The look was super cute. boyish and yet sexy.


Famous Pixi hair cut

short pixie haircuts Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCShort Pixi hairstyles peaked in the late 1980’s and throughout the 90’s, and are currently worn by some very beautiful, confident women.

From Emily Watson to  Halle Berrythe pixi hair cut has been a cutting edge hairstyle for several decades.

Androgynous hair for women with bold color

And lately we have been updating short masculine hair for women with brilliant colors!

 Asymmetrical short hairstyles make a statement and can help flatter certain facial traits or features and hide flaws. Rock a too-hot-to-handle new shade to finish your short haircut.

 A big thanks to the hot, edgy brunette with the short cropped hair – who is the face of one of the most talked about movies of this year!