Hot Looks at Gore Salon

Check out some of the latest looks at Gore Salon in Columbia SC.  Actual client photos shown below.

Hot Looks at Gore Salon

Color Melt Hair Color

Color Melt styles are typically made up of several shades, going dark to light or light to dark, and usually in a similar color family so that colors blend or melt into another. Color Melt is one of those hair color looks that has come from the Ombre hair craze.  Don’t get hung up on tones and techniques, but focus on describing to your stylist what type of look you like.  Together, you can come up with a look that’s flattering on you and also fits your budget.

Foilyage is the new balayage for deeper tones or ends that need a little more “lift.”

Hot Looks at Gore Salon

Foilyage is a mix of the balayage hair color technique and the traditional foil highlighting method.  Colorists will use a foil highlight method when they need to lift the color of a darker base, especially on the ends.  Why?  Because the balayage technique allows the lightener to dry faster, the lifting time is shorter.  Darker base colors need the extra lifting time, so with foilyage, the product is brushed on and wrapped in foil. 

Auburn Hair Transformations

Who doesn’t love a great shade of red hair, no matter what season.  Whether you have blonde hair or brunette hair, when you need a total pick me up or just want a transformation to knock their socks off, red is your go to color. 

Ask your stylist to rock your hairstyle with a shade of red that will flatter your skin tone and your eye color.  Just like red lipstick, there a shade of red hair for everyone.  Ask the hair color experts at Gore Salon in Columbia to show you a few sample red colors that would look great on you.

Hot Looks at Gore Salon Hot Looks at Gore Salon

Halo Couture Hair Extensions

Hot Looks at Gore Salon Hot Looks at Gore Salon

Add body, volume, and length in a matter of seconds. 

Are you curious about hair extensions but not sure if you’re ready to go for it? Have you ever wished for long, fuller hair without the commitment of bonding, clipping, or gluing?  You’ll love the ease of putting in and taking out Halo Couture’s hairpiece on a wire.  Add instant length when you want it, for everyday wear or a special occasion.  The hair looks totally natural, no one will believe you’re wearing hair extensions.  The 100% human remy hair is on a wire which makes it is easy to take in and out at home once you get the hang of it.

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