Highlights, hi-lites, low-lights, streaks – all the same?

Why so many words to describe one service? Highlights, streaks, hilights, chunks, hilites, foils, lowlights, skunking, sparkle lights and on and on.

Highlights Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SC

highlights and lowlights Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCIt is because the results are so varied depending on the technique the stylist uses and the hair colors blended – creating a 3D multi-color effect with depth.

Highlighting started in the 20th century with a shower cap and a crochet hook and has progressed into the 21st century into whatever you can imagine.

Whatever you call them, however you wear them, multi-dimensional color is more popular now than ever before. Be it soft, subtle blended blondes to brunettes with bold red streaks and everything in-between and beyond.


You can use them enhance the depth and definition of you locks. Highlighting can compliment a design cut or skin tones, camouflage flaws, or make an outrageous statement.

They are used to emphasize an edgy or unconventional style with eye-catching shades such as blue, fuchsia, orange, purple, green, whatever you and your stylist can dream up.

Today, Ombre color or highlights, peek-a-boo highlights and wild, vibrant colors are sizzling hot. No matter the look, style or statement, Gore Salon’s talented and educated staff will walk you through your first “kissed by the sun” highlights  or jump with you for that “struck by lighting” look.