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Face Shapes and Hair Styles by our Hair Salon in Irmo, Columbia

Just as we dress our bodies to suit our individual body shapes, we can also wear our hair to complement our face shape. The shape of your face can play a big part in determining which hair cuts and hair styles best suit you. Whether your face is long, round, oval or square, there is a specific hairstyle to flatter you and your face shape.

Face Shapes and Hair Styles Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SC

Tips for Oval Shaped Faces

If your face is oval shape then you’re lucky as this face shape gives you a lot to play with; this is because chin and forehead areas tend to be in proportion. A great hair style tip for oval face shapes is to add layers. Layers will always look fantastic against an oval shaped face and they are brilliant for accentuate stunning cheekbones and defined chins.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair has been popular since the 90’s and continues to be highly sought after by women everywhere. Jennifer wears hair styles that have lots of layers and shape and it’s these hair styles that are perfect for oval shaped faces.

When it comes to shorter haircuts, something super short at the back and sides will give definition to strong facial features. A full fringe to break up the look will also draw attention to high cheekbones and slender chins. Rihanna shows off this style effortlessly and shows how short hair styles can work for oval shape faces.

Hair Style Guide for Long Face Shapes

A good hair style tip for long-shaped faces is to add volume and width to your hair, this will make your face appear more in proportion.

Styling your hair in waves and curls is one of the best ways to do this and the added volume and body achieved from the curls, will make your face appear wider instead of appearing long and thin.

If you want to disguise a longer shaped face then a fringe is a great way to do so. A blunt fringe, just like Kate Beckinsale wears, makes a longer shaped face look shorter, as it takes away a considerable amount of length from your face.

When it comes to styling your hair in an up-style, another hair idea for long shaped faces is, a sleek and slicked back style with a low and wide bun; this will give additional width to the appearance of your face. Sarah Jessica Parker shows exactly how this style can work for those with a long shaped face.

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Hair Tips for Square Shaped Faces

The best way to wear hair when your face is square-shaped, is to make your face appear longer.  The best way to do this is to wear hair loose, long and straight which will make your face appear thinner. Wearing your hair in a centre parting also achieves this look and Gwyneth Paltrow shows how this is the perfect hair for square-shape faces.

Keira Knightley wears a shorter style in a wavy bob cut to chin length. Keira shows how a bob cut in this style can flatter a square shaped face.

Round Face Shapes – Best Hair Ideas

The best hair style tip for round shape faces is to go with a cut that will make your face appear narrower.

If your face is rounder in appearance, then a cut like a graduated bob can make your face look slimmer. Here Kelly Clarkson wears a stylish bob hair that shows exactly how this hair cut can make your face look slimmer.

When considering up-do’s, styles that have a lot of height and volume are perfect for making the face look longer in length. Just like Adele, a wavy fringe will also make your face appear less round.