Hair Color Trends 2016: Celebrity Approved

hair color trends 2016 Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SC
Hair Color Trends 2016

When it comes to hair color and hair trends, celebrities lead the way. We usually see all the latest trends on our favorite stars before the styles make their way to the mainstream. That is why we believe that going straight to the source for hair inspiration is the best and most effective way to stay on top of what is hot and what’s not.  We have done some digging and have found some of the latest styles that are celebrity approved! Check out these hot hair color trends 2016!


Bronze and Reds have been huge this season and they are continuing to remain right on trend for the summer. The latest color craze is “Ronze” (red-bronze) this look is perfect for just about anyone with any skin color. Keep in mind that this color can be customized depending on your tone of skin and what your hair color goals are. Embracing hair color trends 2016 means going bold and celebrating rich colors. There are several ways to get this look however the most popular is to create an ombre effect with reds and bronze colors.

hair color trends 2016 Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SCHAIR COLOR TRENDS 2016: DIP-DYE

Hair color trends 2016 are taking a look at natural colors and challenging them in many regards. The punk and funky hair color trend of dip-dye is not for the faint of heart. This look is for those who are wanting to make a bold change. Celebs like Gwen Stefani and even Katy Perry are loving this look. Essentially, this look means coloring select sections of the hair creating a color dipped effect. Remember, with this color technique it is important to keep in mind that not all hair colors look great with bright bold colors at the end. That is why choosing your color is essential.

hair color trends 2016 Gore hair salon Irmo Columbia SC

In stark contrast with the dip dye hair trend, babylights are taking hair color trends 2016 to a completely different place. If you are a naturalist and are looking for a trend to embrace, babylights could be for you. They mimic the hair color of a child by creating very subtle highlights throughout the hair. Fabulous for blondes, red heads and brunettes alike, this look is  a great way to refresh your look without completely dying your entire head! Eva Longoria is even trying out the babylight look!

Hair Color Trends 2016 at Gore

Spring is in the air and there is change happening everywhere. Now is the perfect time to change up your hair color and try out one of these celebrity approved hair color trends 2016! We are the best salon in Irmo and we are ready to show you why. We can help you asses which colors would look best when it comes to your skin tone, hair goals, and even budget. Be sure to book your spring appointment with us soon. We look forward to seeing you in the chair!