Hair Color Trend: Oil Slick Color

Hair Color that Brunettes Can Rock!

RichRed_454x555Last year was the year of pastel hair, but this trend does not seem to be going anywhere. While brunettes have watched their light haired friends go from bright ombre shades to full on pastel pink without completely damaging their locks, they have been missing out on rocking fun and flirty colors themselves.

If you are a brunette, you have most likely been felling a bit left out. Never fear though, because now the rainbow hair color trend has made it’s way to brunettes and it is ultra glamorous.

There is a new hair color technique for darker stranded gals that will make your hair look iridescent. It’s called oil slick hair color. When first hearing the term, it may make you wonder why anyone would want oily hair. But this chic summer beauty trend has nothing to do with actual grease!

Oil slick hair color is a coloring technique that applies a mix of dark blue, green, and purple tones over darker hair, giving it an iridescent appearance. This is similar to the pastel hair color trend, but its shimmery effect comes from blending darker shades rather than ultra-pale ones. The look is a darker spectrum of colors all incorporated together with a bit of edge that looks good with really dark roots.

So How is Oil Slick different from Balayage?

Look_05_Klara_454x555There are some typical balayage techniques to get your locks pale yellow, then your artist will free hand paint different strands with different colors, usually without a pattern. It gives your tresses a more free -flowing look.

Best Hair Color in Irmo

With the summer well on its way, considering going with a new and sassy hair color look could be just what you need to kick off the season right. Here at Gore, we understand that your look should be as unique as you. That is why one of our color specialists will sit down with you and discuss what goals you have for your hair color this summer.  Now is a great time to book your appointment with us. Just give our salon a call at (803) 781-4515.