Hair Breakage: How to fix and prevent it.

hair breakage and split ends

Hair Breakage Happens

Hair breakage is essentially caused by dryness.  Hair can be naturally dry, or can become dry as we age. Sun exposure, heat styling and chemical treatments can all dry hair out and lead to hair breakage and split ends.  Unless we put that moisture back into our hair, our hair will look dull and will break easily.

Fight hair breakage head on
This struggle with hair breakage is very real for many of us; however, these tips will help you minimize the damage. Don’t just ignore it,  with the right products and a few styling tips, you can reduce the look of split ends and fly aways caused by hair breakage.

Moisturize frequently to keep hair elastic
Moisture is important when it comes to preventing hair breakage. Condition your hair each time you wash, applying a generous amount of product from roots to tips, focusing on the ends.  By applying a deep conditioning treatment twice a week you can reverse damage and keep your hair silky and smooth.  Also, applying an anti-frizz serum before styling is a great idea.

Air dry hair
By shortening your time under the dryer, you can spare your hair from significant damage. Using harsh heat on your tresses is one of the most common way hair breakage happens. By allowing your locks to air dry you are doing yourself a favor!

Give hair a break…from breakage.
If you can minimize the use of the curling iron or flat iron you will also reduce stress on your hair and slow down the appearance of those pesky split ends. Allowing your hair to go free from fussy styling every now and again is important. That is why we recommend wearing a loose updo more than once a week.  A cute pony or messy ballerina bun is a great way to look stylish and help hair recover. This will keep your hair looking healthy and happy.

hair breakage split endsSeek professional help 
If you’ve been tough on your hair and notice a lot of hair breakage and split ends, ask your stylist about adding an intensive treatment next time you are in the salon.

Here at Gore Salon in Columbia SC, we offer the Redken Chemistry Shot Phase. This is professional treatment to replace missing essential components like protein and natural oils.  With 6 different formulas, your stylist can mix and match to create a cocktail to transform your hair in just a few minutes.  The 2-step treatment is an affordable add-on service done at the sink, whether you are getting a color service or just a hair cut.

Now is a great time to book your appointment with Gore Salon.  Our team of stylists is the best around and we are ready to show you why we are one of the best hair salons in Columbia!