Box Hair Color is Unpredictable

Instant gratification is something most of us appreciate but when it comes to hair maybe it’s not such a good thing. Box hair color boasts quick results, but the reality is it is unpredictable and usually ends in a mess.

It’s safe to say we’ve all done it at some point.  We get inspired, or desperate, and we make a run to the drugstore for some DIY box hair color.  Some of us have even dared to try the at home highlight kits.  When your results don’t turn out as planned, reality sets in.  We didn’t go to cosmetology school so how could we possibly navigate all the shade options or execute with textbook precision.  Not to mention the model on the box undoubtedly invested more than $10 on her fabulous hair.  Still not convinced?  Here are just a few more reasons.

Box hair color is risky box hair color

Yes, that is right. When you choose to dye your hair with box hair color, you are taking a major risk. No one ever wants to hear the words hair color and unpredictable in the same sentence however those two words essentially sum up box hair color. If you are trying to attain the hair color shown on the box, you’re most likely in for some serious disappointment.

Deciding what shade of hair you have is not easy. Here’s where it gets confusing, how do you know your true natural shade….are you an ashy blonde or a warm honey brown?  Granted, box hair color will come with ample directions, but the one-size-fits-all formula doesn’t know your exact hair texture, condition or tendencies.  If you’re simply trying to cover up a few greys, the risk is less,  but if you are looking to make a drastic change, either lighter or darker, you could be gambling.  Did you see those box kits for at-home ombre and pretty pastels?  Please don’t!

How many women are duped by the term Semi Permanent?  What does that term even mean? When it comes to boxed hair dye, you have to accept a loose interpretation.  Even if the box says the hair color is semi permanent, the way your hair will grab the hair color is unique to you.

Box Hair Color Build Up


When using Box hair color repeatedly from root to tips can cause the pigment to build up and eventually the color will be concentrated on the ends.  That is why having a professional take care of your hair color is a better option. You’ll avoid all the build up. Application is half the battle. Regardless of the quality of the box hair dye, it’s often the amateur application that creates the unpleasant result.

When Color Correction is necessaryhair color

Quite often, using a box hair dye will lead to a trip to the salon.  Even a color that was once tried and true can lead to telltale color banding.  Hair color experts always talk about the beauty of dimensional hair color, but patches of overlapping pigment is not at all what they mean.

Best Hair Color in Irmo

If you have a hair color correction situation, come and see us. We can make sure to help you get your hair back to the color you want it to be. Before you jump at a chance to change your hair quickly, we encourage you to take a minute. Rather than rushing to the drug store for box hair color, book an appointment with us. Trust us, it will be worth the wait.  Be sure to call (803) 781-4515.