Babylights Hair Color Trend

Babylights Hair Color Trend Gore hair salon Irmo ColumbiaAt a recent Redken conference, we discovered Babylights, a technique by industry consultant Tracey Cunningham , and we are excited to let Gore Salon clients be the first to hear all about it. If you are keen on subtle, delicate color, then listen up!

“Babylights” is the newest hair highlighting trend sweeping the country…and Columbia SC!

Go ahead and add babylights to the growing list of ever popular hair coloring techniques like splashlights, balayage, ombre and sombre, but keep in mind that this trend differs dramatically from the rest.

Long gone are the days of chunky and dramatic highlights, now it’s all about subtle and natural color.

Babylights are soft highlights that are created using a very fine hair color technique to mimic the subtle yet dimensional hair color seen in children’s hair, hence the name  babylights. This fresh and natural look has been gaining popularity because who doesn’t love a youthful look? 

How babylights are applied:The application process is similar to getting regular highlights however it takes much longer due to the precise placement of color. The amount of hair in each foil is far less than regular highlight as well. For babylights, very small amounts of hair are colored to create subtle separations between foils. This results in a perfectly blended look.

How to maintain your babylights:

One of the best aspects about this trend is that it is very low-maintenance. Because the highlights are so fine, it makes growing out your hair simple. You don’t have to worry about a heavy demarcation line as your hair grows, in fact your hair may even look better as the color grows out. If you want to keep up with your look though, a full head of babylights should be touched up every eight weeks or so. 

Babylights and different hair types:

When choosing your color for your babylights, make sure to consider your skin tone and hair cut. Just like any hair coloring service the ultimate goal is to have your hair color compliment your beauty! Babylights are meant to look natural so make sure that your color of choice sticks close to the theme! We can help you choose a color what will compliment your skin tone and overall look.

This fall is all about rich red tones and gold colors. If you have an olive or dark skin tone then golds, browns and subtle maroon colors could be great for you. If you have fair skin then cool blondes, deep reds and even creamy yellows will work for you! 

Here at Gore we are ready to transform your hair color! This new trend looks great on just about anyone. If you are ready for a natural and fresh look for the fall, give babylights a try. Our stylists will use their expertise to ensure that your color compliments your skin tone. Keep in mind that babylights is not a short coloring service. Your time in the chair may be a bit longer than usual due to the nature of the technique. It is tedious be well worth it!

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