8 Best Hair Highlights in Columbia

All about highlights, the most popular hair color service at Gore Salon.

With so many different looks and techniques for highlighting hair, it’s time for a breakdown of the current trends when it comes to spicing up your look. Whether you have blonde hair, brunette or red hair, highlights are the most sought after hair color service at Gore Salon in Columbia Irmo SC and a great way to add dimension to your style.

Don’t fret over the terminology. What’s most important is to communicate with your stylist so that you walk out with the hairstyle you want. Feel free to show pictures on your phone or from a magazine. Your stylist will describe the best way to get the look and review the costs and recommended upkeep to keep your style looking fresh.

Foil Highlights

Foil highlights give your hair a brighter, sun-kissed look all over. The foils give your stylist a lot of control over the placement of the highlights and the size. By wrapping the hair in foil, dry time is elongated which allows for more lightening.


Balayage is a hand painting technique so your stylist will stroke on lightener strategically to mimic where your hair would naturally lighten in the sun. The effect is more subtle and can create a more casual, slightly grown out look. With a brush, the stylist can focus on the lengths of the hair rather than the roots which means less upkeep is required.


The subtle look of balayage can be duplicated using foils. So if your color will require more time to lift and brighten, your stylist can get the same look without the brush, no matter where you want to focus the highlights.


Babylights are delicate highlights around the hairline and contours of the face. The sections of hair in each foil are thin to create less obvious highlights that seem to add subtle all-over sparkle.

Ombre Hair

Ombre hair color is usually created using a balayage brush technique, but the results are more drastic and obvious. Larger sections of hair are lightened, focusing on the lower half of your hair. The end result is the appearance of colors that melt into one another. The upkeep is almost nothing, ombre hair is as low maintenance as it gets. You can let it grow out, touch it up, or recolor it.

Ribbon Highlights

Think babylights but using contrasting colors throughout the hair to add highs and lows to accentuate the natural flow of your hair and shape of your curls.

Highlights with Lowlights

If your hair color has become too uniform in color – or too light for your skin tone – you can feel a little bland. Adding lowlights, or even highs and lows, can add depth to the hair color to perk up your complexion instantly without a drastic hair color change.

The Highlights Experts are at Gore Salon in Columbia

Sounds easy, right? Selecting the best highlighting technique is only half the battle. Your stylist is your hair color expert with a trained eye for how colors and light work together, how they accent your face, skin tone and eye color. Describe the look you want and ask for their input on what would look best on you.

If you’re ready for a new hairstyle for fall, call Gore Salon in Columbia at (803) 781-4515.

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