5 Signs You Need a New Hair Color

Do you need a hair color makeover?

5 signs you need a new colorDoes your style need a boost?  A new hair color gives you more than just a new hair color!  Ask yourself these 5 questions.  Maybe it’s time to give Gore Salon a call!

1. Has your hair lost its shine?

A simple hair color gloss treatment can restore shine brilliantly, not to mention leave hair soft and silky feeling.

2. Are you no longer getting compliments on your hair?

The wrong hair color can make you look tired.  “One reason this happens is when hair color and skin tone become too close–this can cause hair color to seem faded and skin to appear washed-out,” says Redken Celebrity Colorist Tracey Cunningham.  Your stylist can give you a new all-over color, or add highlights or lowlights to restore dimension to your hair.  Adjusting the hair color to complement your skin’s natural undertones will make you look like you were just on vacation!

3. When is the last time you tried anything new?

If you’ve been getting the same color for a few years, you may be stuck in a beauty rut.  Instead of asking for the same old same old next time, try a new shade or a new technique!  There are so many options in hair color today.  Ask your Gore Stylist to make a few suggestions on how you could evolve your cut and color.

4. Are you having trouble keeping up with re-touches?

Has your color strayed too far from your natural color?  Ask your Gore Stylist if it’s time to adjust your base color or try a different color technique.  In both ombre and balayage, hair color gradually transitions from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends, for a look that’s flattering and low maintenance.

5. Do you wear your hair in a ponytail 24/7? 

Unless you’re at the gym, always wearing your hair in a ponytail is a big sign.  You need inspiration…perhaps a new cut and different color.  When your hair looks great, you feel great.   Get a haircut and color makeover and you’ll want to wear your hair down and show it off!

Be inspired!  Call the hair color experts at Gore Salon today and book an appointment.  (803) 781-4515.

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