Hair Extensions

At Gore Salon we offer Hot Heads Hair Extensions, which are human hair, adhesive weft extensions applied by our professional stylists without the need for tools, glue or heat. Hot Heads hair extensions offer a relatively easy and fast way for women to completely change their look.

You can have fuller, longer, healthier-looking hair.  It looks and feels like real hair…because it is!  With proper care, the hair extensions can be worn for up to 10 weeks.  And, they can be re-applied.

See Amanda’s transformation.  First step, our Gore Stylist, Lauren, has to correct Amanda’s hair color.  (Click on any picture to see it larger!)

before color correction

After color correction.

after color correction

Amanda’s new hair color looks great, but she would like to add some length and fullness.  See how amazing Amanda looks after our Gore Stylist applies the Hot Heads Hair Extensions!  Her face is beaming with renewed confidence!

after hair extensions

If you are interested in getting Hot Heads Hair Extensions, or would like more information please call the salon to schedule a complimentary consultation!

Hotheads Natural Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. Manufactured with amazing quality human Remy hair, and with the cuticle still intact allows the extensions to be reapplied up to 4 times, while still looking and feeling fresh. Clients can get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application, that’s up to 40 weeks of wear!

Hair Extension lengths

The hair extensions are offered in 4 lengths:

10 to 12 inches- falls slightly below the shoulder

14 to 16 inches- falls at mid back

18 to 20 inches- falls just above the waist line

22 to 24 inches- falls just above the hip

The natural hair extensions will be applied, straightened, then after shampooing, water will activate a slight body wave which allows the hair extensions to be worn wavy. However they may also be curled or straightened using styling tools, another benefit from Hot Heads use of natural hair!


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11 thoughts on “Hair Extensions”

    1. We can do that! :) If you would like to give me a call at the salon (803-781-4515) I can set up a consultation for you with Ashton ASAP.

  1. My daughter recently had her hair damaged so badly by a coloring job gone wrong that the hair stylist had to cut her hair extremely short because it was breaking off. I know the website says an consult appt but if you could please give me a ballpark cost so that she can determine if it is even possible financially I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Cindy, were you needing us to do a color correction or were you interested in extensions? If you would be willing to give me a call at the salon we can discuss it further and see what information I can get for you! the number is 803-781-4515, thanks so much!

    1. Hello Kayla,

      The cost of our extensions vary dependent upon many factors, if you would like to have a consultation with Ashton to discuss cost I would be more than happy to set one up. Just call us at 803-781-4515.

      Thank you!

    1. Hello Kimberly! It depends on the specific length and thickness of your hair, so we wouldn’t know if extensions are an option for you at this time without having a consultation. Just call us at 803-781-4515 if you are interested in seeing a stylist! :)

  2. I was wondering if I could have Ashton give me a call to discuss hair extensions. I currently have them but have been driving to Atlanta to get them. Would like to find someplace closer.
    Thank you, Christy

    1. Hello Christy! If you can call the salon at 803-781-4515 we can discuss extensions with you and set you up an appointment to see one of the stylists! thank you!

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